Special Invites for Your Special Day

The big day is coming, and it is time for wedding invitation ideas! But where to start? Do not let the tension rev you up into a state of tremendous anxiety! Instead follow these ideas to turn tension into peace of mind!

First, there the question of style. There are three styles to choose form…which expresses the real you?

There the “flat” style, which is an elegant engraves invite that you can imagine sitting on a butler’s tray. The there’s “pocket” invites – cozy invitations that slide out from a side pocket or top pocket which can be an oh-so-romantic surprise. Finally, there are the folding invites: coming in many styles, these fold open to reveal anything from a trifold card to an origami-like wonderland of romance and fun.

Once you have decided on a style, then there is the exciting world of color to consider. There are six traditional palettes to choose from. Red-orange and purple-pink speak passion, yellow-gold and blue-green send the message of excitement and hope, and black-white and brown-neutral give the impression of elegance and tradition.

Now that you have a style and color, it’s time to choose a theme. You can have the invite tied up with ribbons or have scattered heart cutouts. You can also go garden with a flower or butterfly themes. If you want, you can understate elegance with a rustic or vintage style. If you are planning a destination do, then a travel or even adventure theme might be right up the old alley!

Finally, it’s time to add the real creative excitement. Let your imagination run wild here. Some creative add-ons are: making the invite look like an admission ticket, adding chiffon and lace, quilting, hearts, even a telegram look.

If you do these fun steps in order, then there is no doubt that you will replace anxiety with hope and excitement as you look forward to your very special day!